About Mellstock

Mellstock was conceived with one aim in mind – to offer a unique, modular combination of marketing expertise, investment industry and broader business experience, that can be tailor-made to your needs.

Many marketers have a broad knowledge of financial and corporate services but fewer have detailed and hands-on knowledge of the needs of fund managers, promoters and the wide range of other businesses that have become our clients to date. Even less provide their services on a modular basis where you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Relying on over thirty years of experience in the investment advisory, asset management and marketing sectors, Mellstock works closely with our clients. Forging a partnership that provides an intimate understanding and commitment to your goals, needs and objectives, we aim to be the in-house marketing department you always wanted.

While our core expertise is focused upon investment and finance, we also have existing clients in Travel, Leisure and Tourism, Events and Entertainment, Hospitality and Restaurants, Green and Renewable Energy, Nutrition and Lifestyle.

Mellstock believes in empowering and inspiring its clients to enhance their marketing message and thereby achieve their aims and objectives. That is why we are in business.

Product development, distribution and sales management coordination are additional services provided under Mellstock’s Strategic Connections division. Click here to find out more.

Select, buy and use the menu of services we offer from initial feasibility studies to detailed marketing plans, to full on-going marketing support and operations.

Created in 2015 by industry professionals for industry professionals, Mellstock will get your message across to your chosen audience on-time and on-budget. Every time.

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