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    What makes Mellstock different?

    Mellstock was conceived as a provider of modular services that you can use as your business needs change over time. It works on your behalf to design, liaise, negotiate, communicate and oversee all aspects of your marketing and communications needs. Its activities extend from product design and development, through optimisation, marketing and eventual distribution.

    So do you work for me or for the service providers?

    Mellstock will work for you when its relationships with contractors such as external digital marketing specialists, designers and editors are utilised, and will ensure your interests are put first in all situations.  We specialise in in-house writing and initial design layout services, so design and creative skills may be provided by carefully selected, external professional studios.

    How will Mellstock get paid?

    Our liaison, planning, management and operations services will generate fees from you as the client depending upon the tasks you have asked us to carry out. These fees will be competitive and agreed at the outset of our relationship and each subsequent project. They may include a retainer or reflect the more ad hoc work we carry out for you in regards to a particular project. The important point to remember is that Mellstock is working for you on a consulting basis and is contracted to put your best interests first – every time. It’s also good to know that Mellstock’s services will usually cost less than having a dedicated staff team; particularly in today’s fast-moving environment where your staffing needs may fluctuate. Product distribution will require a different approach and Mellstock Strategic Connections will discuss with you a number of options as we assist you in generating your new business volumes.

    What experience do you have of the industry and running marketing services similar to those I will need?

    Mellstock’s senior team includes long-term industry specialists who have many years of experience across investment, financial planning, insurance and fund services markets. We specialise in these areas and have many years’ experience of handling marketing, product distribution, communications and PR from feasibility through planning, implementation and monitoring and we look forward to working for you to optimise your marketing effort.

    How do we discuss working together, what will it cost?

    We’ll be pleased to set up an introductory, no-fee meeting to see if there is a good fit between your needs and our services. On an informal basis, we can chat through ideas and projects you may have and see how we can help.

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