Social Calendar: Some Fun and Important Dates for 2019

Social Calendar Valentines Day

We here at Mellstock love any excuse to celebrate and that got us thinking. There is so much going on this year, let’s start now in making notes on important dates and getting our social calendar in order. Then we thought what would be better than sharing it with you in the hope you might be inspired with ideas for your social media campaigns.

This is in no way a full and definitive list and you must take into consideration, your desired audience when putting together your posts. But we hope that you have fun and come up with some great ideas on posts that can engage with your followers.


For example, how about running a Valentine’s Day Contest? Share a cute snap of your pet for International Dog Day? Is your office closed for Easter and you need to let people know? See below to help get your Social Calendar in order!

Important Religious dates:

  • Chinese New Year – 5th Feb (15 days. Currently ongoing so you might want to move quickly!)
  • Easter – Orthodox: 28th April Catholic: 21st April
  • Ramadan – 5th May until 4th June
  • Eid al Fitr – 4th June
  • Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) – 10th-11th September
  • Diwali – 27th Oct
  • Chanukah – 3rd – 10th Dec
  • Christmas – 25th December


Days of interest:

Although these dates aren’t a public holiday, they are a great opportunity to post something fun and engaging. There is literally something to be celebrated on every single day of the year so depending on what you feel is most relevant to you and your business, pick and choose accordingly. If you need help finding out about other days, (i.e. did you know there was a special Sunglasses Day??) click here : and let the inspiration flow! Be it a “silly holiday” celebrating muffins or something close to your company’s social conscious which you want to highlight, there is always something to celebrate and promote!

  • Valentine’s Day – 14th February
  • International Margarita Day – 22nd February (mostly in US but recognised in other countries too)
  • International Women’s Day – 8th March
  • International Elimination of Racial Discrimination Day – 21st March
  • International Water Conservation Day – 22nd March
  • International Wine Day – May 25th (not to be confused with International “Drink” Wine Day as well as individual wine days such as Malbec Wine Day)
  • World Refugee Day – 20th June
  • Social Media Day – 30th June
  • Day of the Tiger – 29th July (This one is close to our hearts as we are part of WWF Tiger Protector Scheme)
  • International Beer Day – 2nd August
  • International Cat Day – 8th August
  • International Dog Day – 26th August
  • Halloween – 31st October
  • International Men’s Day – 19th November

Sporting Events

Sporting events are a great way of building engagement and creating “buzz” by running promotions and/or competitions. Here is just some of the biggest events taking place this year.

  • Six Nations Rugby – 1st Feb – 16th Mar (Currently ongoing)
  • Golf Masters – 11th – 14th April
  • Cricket World Cup – 30th May – 15th July
  • Women’s World Cup (Football) – 7th Jun – 7th Jul
  • African Cup of Nations (Football) – 15th Jun – 13th Jul
  • Wimbledon Tennis – 1st – 14th July
  • Tour de France (Cycling) – 6th – 28th July
  • Ashes Test Series: England V Australia – 1st Aug – 16th Sept
  • Rugby World Cup – 20th Sept – 2nd Nov

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