Meet the Directors

Mellstock believe in building strong and effective partnerships with their clients. Knowing who we are and what we know, is an important part of working together.

Tony Trescothik

Tony Trescothick MCMI

Business Development Director

Tony Trescothick holds a Diploma in Management and is a member of the UK-based, Chartered Institute of Management. He has over thirty years’ of experience in the investment industry gained both in the UK and internationally as well as other varied industries. His experience ranges across business development, distribution, management and marketing with particular focus upon fund structures in Luxembourg and other leading financial centres.

Tony’s responsibilities focus upon developing client relationships and ensuring they receive maximum benefit of Mellstock’s skills and expertise. His deep understanding of the investment process, compliance and regulatory frameworks, combine with hands-on development experience across a range of sectors and asset classes

India Trescothik

India Trescothick BA (HONS)

Creative Director

India Trescothick is an honours graduate from Royal Holloway University of London, holding a degree in English and Creative Writing. Her writing and editing skills have latterly been utilised as a senior editor at a leading credit rating agency. This experience has provided both invaluable insight to a broad spectrum of sovereign and corporate business issues and fundamentals but also the precision and detail found in complex technical writing.

India’s particular responsibilities will focus upon ensuring copy and content within clients’ portfolios is of exceptional quality and clarity. She will also manage Mellstock’s Social Media work which will be carefully tailored to each client’s requirements and business plan.


Emily Trescothik

Emily Trescothick BSc(Hons) Assoc CIPD

Operations Director

Emily manages operations within Mellstock that ensure the smooth running of client matters including finance, billing and administrative processes. Fully capitalising upon her twelve-year employment background with construction and finance majors, Emily’s experience and expertise is dedicated to the client’s working relationship with Mellstock.

A science graduate, Emily has a solid foundation in digital marketing techniques and strategy, helping to provide the essential link with design professionals that is a key element of Mellstock’s unique client experience.

James Alexander

James Alexander

Head of Communications

James provides the essential elements of the public relations and corporate communications functions that are part of the complete Mellstock package. Fifteen years of working experience within marketing, business development and communications enables James to craft focused, targeted and effective written pieces that encapsulate vital client messages in both traditional and digital media.

A broad range of finance industry sectors completes James’ work experience record including mortgage financing, investment, financial planning and foreign exchange dealing and trading.

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