Mellstock seeks to enable smaller institutions to access world-class investments

Marketing Mellstock Tiger institutional

In a bid to unite capital with bright ideas, Mellstock limited, the investment marketing specialist, is launching two initiatives.

The company’s stated mission is to align opportunity with aspiration and thereby to enable smaller institutional investors to have access to high quality and innovative investment choices, the like of which are often the preserve of SWFs and other mega-investors.

Building on its existing marketing and communications services, Mellstock is investing in new resources aimed at connecting institutional investors such as Family Offices, Wealth Managers and Private Banks with hand-picked propositions using some of the best investment ideas currently available.

The Funds Workshop ( will provide a location for great investment ideas to meet capital. Its simple structure seeks to provide news and insights along with a directory of Investment Managers, Administrators, Fund Accountants, Depositaries, Law Firms and other service providers.

Mellstock Strategic Connections (MSC) provides capital and fund-raising services to carefully-selected Managers, enabling them to meet with investors in the EUR1 Million to EUR10 Million space. Building on its network of investor contracts, MSC will actively introduce the parties in a culture of like-minded and mutually-beneficial collaboration.

Mellstock’s Business Development Director Tony Trescothick said:

“By adding these additional two pillars to Mellstock’s existing communications structure, we are moving towards a truly full-service model for our Manager Clients. We review each Manager’s strategy, track record and resources to ensure that potential investors are meeting with like-minded future partners who share their aims and ambitions – namely creating value and wealth.”

Examples of Mellstock’s current portfolio of opportunities include a regulated Emerging Europe Private Equity fund managed by a team with significant collective experience and a proven track record. Alongside this is a Buy to Build initiative that will take advantage of one of Europe’s most outstanding consolidation opportunities and allowing direct or fund-based participation.

Trescothick continued: “Our aim is to add breadth, depth and diversity to our portfolio with additional ventures joining our platform shortly. These will include Real Estate and Total Return strategies – again with an emphasis upon creativity and originality.”


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